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MMM Nigeria PowerPoint Presentation

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How to Register, PH, GH in MMM Nigeria (MS Word and Pdf formats).

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How MMM works. (How you earn 30% monthly)

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Working With Objections in MMM Nigeria 

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MMM Ideology Video



Brief History of MMM


  • tim

    This is truly wonderful. I am so getting my people signed up on this. I learned a lot from your work bro. This is organized as far as i can say.

    • admin

      Thanks sir. I appreciate.

    • Please i GH since and i have not been matched with a Participant, though they said i was put on moratorium due to the fact that i used my account to create PH for someone and later put is account details and the admin asked me send some details/documents to them in which i have done as they have said…
      What i learnt is that U will be matched with a Participant in less than 10mins…
      Thank You!

      • admin

        Patience……… is +/- 30-35days before you will be matched. In due time, you will be matched.

  • Nice job. You have done a great job here. Bravo.

  • This is extremely appropriate and beautiful. It answer all the possible questions about MMM

  • Elvis Brethren

    Great ideas and people might look small and noiseless, but their impact is usually big and loud. U are indeed a trail blazer. Thumps Up!

  • Onah Joel

    Thank For Your Word

  • M D Nuhu

    how can I join the group?

    • admin

      Click on get started!

  • How do I get to start? Have registered

    • admin

      Login, then click on Provide Help in your Personal Office – PO

  • Its really a good program i must say.
    Drop your experience about mmm for others to see at and share in your social media to spread the news faster.

  • i truly like this method of helping people achieved their dreams easily.I appreciate the founder of this Mmm Nigeria net,God bless you and increase your day thinking…

  • Segun

    How does MMM make money to pay profit since monies are sent to private accounts and not MMM’s account

    • admin

      It’s not profit, it is called reward based on the accumulation of donations

      • Sissy

        Where are the donations coming from? Plus, how is MMM making a profit?

        • admin

          It’s not profit, it is called reward based on the accumulation of donations

  • Gbenga Tayo

    Though my phn s x2-1 i dnt see much of wht u ar saying but if at all people does tht money ment for some companiy to be use or cn anybody come nd lend out of it?

    • admin

      Not really getting your question @Gbenga, rephrase please or read more and watch the videos on this site

  • Olugbenga BABATUNDE

    This makes to me but how can I be a guider

    • admin

      Check your PO at least twice daily, in the morning and at night for news to know when a new guider school will kick off. Another one starts today

  • Olugbenga BABATUNDE

    This makes a whole lot of sense to me but how can I be a guider?

    • admin

      Always login to your PO to check the news and update, at least twice a day, in the morning and at night; but another set of guider school starts today.

  • Adewale

    I have tried to register, but I have not been able to get a confirmation email in my account… So, I have not completed the registration…. Please, I really need your help…

    • admin

      Don’t wait for confirmation email, just proceed to and login with your username and password after entering the captcha code

  • yellowmonday

    mmm is real, its really help me and my family alot. may God bless the founder of this program

  • kennedy

    am so thankful man you din a very nice job here MMM made easy.
    weldon bro

  • Nicholas

    Pls Sir, I wish to be a consultant, how do I go about it. I am in Benin teaching.

  • Cathy

    Sir, This is a fantastic great job men. God bless you. I feel a sign of relief myself. thanks

  • Clement Ajogwu

    Can one still apply/fill the On-Line Consultants Registration form to become a Consultant in Nigeria especially as newly registered member?

    • admin

      If you are new, you are not qualified, you must have been in the system for like 3months, PH and GH like 3-6times and have up to 10dowlines before you can apply

  • Victoria Akinpelu

    I registered someone but I could not provide the bank details, how do I now provide the bank details, because I could not see the portion at which to provide the bank details?

    • admin

      It’s there in your account; once you login, go to accounts, then you will see add/edit on the left handside of your screen, click on add, then continue from there.

  • Assumpta Cynthia

    What to be a part of this, how do I start

  • cecilia

    how does mmm make the donation of 30% since money is paid to individuals and not direct to mmm. pls this question has not been answered.

    • admin

      Kindly come to Egbeda training centre for better understanding if you are in Lagos. However, it is based on the accumulation of money donated into the system per time.

  • Alfred

    I am new but registered and had an issue of GA authentication. I have sent my details and report but no response. How can you help? Can the code be sent to my email?

    • admin

      If you need assistance and you are in Lagos, kindly visit our presentation centre tomorrow @52,Oja Olugbede, Egbeda between 11am-1pm. We will guide you through or Check out this link

  • Alfred

    Is this true:

    MMM Global Zimbabwe has already crashed despite Zimbabwe’s National Reserve bank telling its citizen not to sign up to the Ponzi scheme. A few weeks ago MMM in Zimbabwe had stopped withdrawals. In South Africa, MMM crashed in May 2016. The company claimed that it was a media panic and said it was ‘starting over’.

    MMM Nigeria

  • Hello, what is the minimum donation, OLAYEMI ADESINA

    • admin

      You can donate as low as #2,000 but the growth on it will be low – so we will advise you do like #5,000 and for first registration, try and do more to earn your registration bonus which one time off.

      For further question:

  • Emeka

    I can’t Login but i have registered

    • admin

      What’s the error you were getting when you tried to login? Install google chrome on your phone and ensure your internet is strong, you will be able to, or go to cybercafe.

  • Emeka

    I can login true my phone?

    • admin

      Yes, if you install google chrome on your phone and your internet is strong, you will be able to.

  • ADEYANJU olusola sunday

    if i want become guidian? how

    • admin

      Always check our PO – you will see the announcement there once there’s an opening for the new guider school.

  • ogechi

    Can I PH twice a month

    • admin

      Dear Ogechi,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      You can PH twice in a month if you have money available for withdrawal in your account.


  • Austin

    Pls sir my released date was 13th october buit I was not paired. Was it as a result of my referal of a new participant, again note that my released date is now 25th. When will I be paired thks.

    • admin

      Dear Ogechi,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      It was 13th and now 25th? Please, kindly make us understand what really happened; but what we can denote from your question should be that you provided help, patient, you will be matched soon, it is +/- 30-35 days.


  • Freddy

    Hello Admin: i got an information that you will be blocked if you share your HOTSPOT with another person in registering a new member. They said if i use the same device to access more than 1 PO you will be blocked. But i have registered more than 10 people and keep checking their PO with my system in keeping them posted if they have been matched. What is the implication pls? i am just an ordinary participant.

    • MMM Nigeria

      The person that told you that, is he/she your guider? If yes, then the information is valid, if no discard, although ip matters but not sure using a PC to access one’s account will lead to blocking as well as I understand MMM


    i registered a friend of mine and made request to PH on the 20th of october. she has been told to pay today, 3rd of november. she has paid, uploaded the proof of payment and the receiver has confirmed but the account is still in blue colour. pls what is happening?

  • Paul D.

    Please what is going on, am just joining the system, and i had a news from NTA news by 4pm today saying that where and how MMM are getting the interest they are giver to people, the MMM will crash in few days, they even tagged it the “THE RETURN OF WONDERS BANK” please tell me this is not true,

  • Babajide Origin

    @kemmisola, it will soon change to green, is not yet ripe for withrawal, that is the meaning, be rest assured

  • Babajide Origin

    @paul,leave the media,they are being sponsored by cbn and apc govt, mmm will live long as soon as u and i are ph and gh, mmm is now in 118 countries,poverty must reduce in this country, unemloyement must reduce. south affrican president jacob zuma has encourage his people to be doing mmm due to the impact they feel in the country economy. our govt and leaders are so wicked that they will never reason at all because they dont want ppl to be rich and financially ok like them…dont panic

  • Babajide Origin

    @admin,i think i have answered part of the qtns…..

  • adeyemi ademiju

    Am new user on here and how do i go about it . guideline s on how to make payment and when will my account be credited and without any ehm ehm ehm please total guidelines in short please thanks