I’m glad you are on this page and I believe you are here for a reason; that is your desire for a change in your financial lifestyle and you don’t just want it to be a desire but a dream come true

Imagine you are in an employed job 8am-5pm and you are doing another job aside from that and that job gives you at least minimum of 15k by offering a single service. Now let’s assume you have the opportunity and capacity to do more than one of this service in a month; you are able to do like 10 of it within a month – that will give you 150k plus the amount you earn at your working place.

This 150k I’m talking about is 100% your own and not that you are paying to buy anything, will you say you don’t have money? I’m sure the answer is NO!


Without wasting your time the secrets will be revealed at the training I’m inviting you to, its a powerful training which will transform your life, however its not for everyone to attend, as we are not interested in crowd, but those who are ready to work towards their dream being fulfilled.

Although you might not have this in your plan for this year, but I assure you after you attend this training, you will either bless me or curse me, whichever you choose to do depends on your attendance...

Who can Attend?

1. Student who want to make money as they are in school
2. Workers who desire another source of income
3. Unemployed men and women who is not only seeking for source of living but desire to create employment
4. Church staffs – those in ICT unit of churches in order to maximize the power of internet
5. Employed who desire to be self employed

Here Is What I Will Be Teaching You At The Workshop

How to register a domain name

How to design a full blown website using CMS – Wordpress in less than 20mins

How to drive traffic to your website

How to make 30% Monthly through MMM Nigeria

How to create official email for business owners or official use

How to make money offering these services

and many more

What's the Duration of This Program?

This is an intensive training and with it is a certificate to be issued to each attendee, hence the training is going to last for a month but not everyday; its every Tuesday of the month of December 2016. If you are interested, you are to join from the first class as attendance is part of the criteria that determines your graduation.

In as much as the class is offline, there are online activities that requires your presence as well as assignment to carry out in order to learn more, therefore kindly prepare for the whole month to learn new things and broaden your horizon.

How Much Will it Cost Me To Attend?

This training worth 50k per person and if you want to make money, you should also spend money. But here is a GOOD NEWS – this training is sponsored by MMM Nigeria and don’t forget it’s tagged "Free Web Design and Digital Marketing Class" its absolutely free, but it worth not less than 50k for each person to attend. It’s 100% FREE, you are not paying a dime and we don’t intend to collect anything from, just endeavor to come with your laptop if you have any but if you don’t, come with your writing pad.

Though its free, but registration is required! Don’t panic, registration is also free all you need do is to enter your Email, FirstName, LastName and your Phone Number. Once you do that, a mail will be sent to you, so you will go back to your mailbox and click on the link sent to you to confirm your registration, else your registration will not be processed.

So be sure to enter your details accurately.

Date: The Training Starts on Tuesday 6th, Dec 2016

Time: 10a.m(No african time) – 1p.m

Venue: MMMNigeria Training Center,
52, Egbeda-Idimu road,
Opposite Olugbede Market,
Oja bus-stop,
Egbeda, Lagos.

Enquiry:- 09032616774, 08034782072
Whatzapp:- +2348182158897, +2347034635930

Our Speaker:





Oladapo Paul Positive

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P.S: I strongly advise that you register as fast as possible because the hall can only accommodate 20people.

Delay can be catastrophic sometimes. Act NOW!


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